Harmor Technologies is a Manufacturers' Rep company located in the Houston, Texas area. We have been in business since 1963 providing sales of technically oriented products to industries in Texas and Louisiana.

The products we sell include:

Mist Eliminators
Liquid-Liquid Coalescers
Oil Skimmers
Spray Nozzles
Air Pollution Control Equip.
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Pneumatic Conveying Equipment.

The industries we sell to include:

Chemical and Petrochemical
Vessel Fabricators
Engineering and Construction
Pulp & Paper
Inks and Adhesives

Being situated in Houston, we are well positioned to take advantage of all the industrial business along the Texas gulf coast. For more information on the products we sell, see our line sheet.

At Harmor, we believe in aggressively marketing the products we represent. We are not the type of Manufacturers' Reps who just take care of existing business and sit back waiting for the phone to ring. We are not afraid to do the missionary work necessary to develop a market. We are committed to maximizing the sales of each manufacturer we represent.

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